Grey Theme Objects

I see you in my dreams 
Many times
A vital character
A bona fide story
Scene transitions 
as my rhymes

I just saw you
As tranquil in tide
We walked
with same aim,
Same stride 
You heard my whines
Many times

You gave me hand
At a shore
You managed to 
Make me calm
While i was about to roar
I saw your holy face
As thousand shrines

Many times


Sitting at the Williams cafe in Brampton, I am looking at people around me. Trying to notice something that always get skipped through my eyes. I can barely see a human in crowd. I can see many bodies moving around but hard to see a soul through these bodies. Might be i am not capable to see what i am admiring about. I just decided to go barn. I arrived at barn late, as always lily helped me to tack up my horse. Lilly is very active and energetic girl and  whenever i see her, i admire my daughter like her.